Restore for Tomorrow!

Gates Fourth is an inclusive church that has been serving the South Side for over 120 years, providing a place for the neighborhood and beyond to come together in worship and service.

We provide facilities for 3 groups, AA, Alanon and NA each week and each month we provide a free breakfast to the entire community on the 4th and 5th Saturdays.

All are welcome! Some of our guests are homeless, some are veterans and some are well off. Each guest is welcomed and provided a name tag so that we might begin to learn their name and more about them. We have volunteers who join them at the table and visit, giving them a chance to share their story or how the week is going. Our meal is typically toast, eggs, sausage, sausage gravy, hashbrowns, pancakes, fruit, protein bars, juice, milk and coffee. Our guests are welcome to eat their fill by coming back to the serving table as much as they require. (we use glass plates & real silverware)

The church building is feeling its age. In recent years, we repaired the outside walls and windows and unfortunately, needed to add a security system. In 2017, we updated the parlor area to make it more inviting on Sunday mornings and are trying a new coffee bar before and during worship.

The pool of water at the upper left of this picture led to the hole in the ceiling below. The roof was repaired twice over the winter for this leak.

We have reached the point where we must replace (not just repair) the roof of the entire building. Some of it is shingled and a large portion is flat. The flat roof has been repaired multiple times for several years, but cannot be repaired any longer. We have received estimates from 3 different roofing companies, selected a partner to replace the roof and plan to do so in 2018.

We also have heating systems that are over 30 years old. The boilers have been leaking for nearly 5 years now (temporary fixes were made) and will not go on much longer. This year’s inspection indicated that they might make it through this winter. The forced air furnace which supports the offices, nursery and parlor has been a good source of heat through our winters, but is also on its last legs. Plans are to replace these systems with forced air and for a modest amount more, add A/C.

The estimates we have received total about $150,000. This is our goal. We have saved $77,000 of this, but need your help to raise the remaining funds. Please consider helping us begin another 120 years of service to the South Side of Columbus. With your generosity, we can make these necessary replacements. We have opportunities for you to make recurring gifts to spread the expense or a one-time donation toward this much needed campaign.

Watch a video of some of our history ministering in the South Side of Columbus

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